Confidence is Everything!

We totally believe that kids and young people need what CHAMPS Academy offers… the world is not going to suddenly get any easier for the younger generation, far from it.

And we believe in our Coaches.

The status-quo does not help kids, the education system does nothing but Brainwash kids (that’s not just our opinion but that of nearly all the parents we speak to)… the Media (Social Media, TV and Adverts etc.) “Brandwashing” the young to believe in false ideals and the illusion of purpose and meaning… that looks are everything and that your material objects define you.

We are here to be the force of change for kids and teens and to help them live their lives to the full.

Because we don’t have to tell you that Confidence is Everything! And of course everything worthwhile starts with it. We believe you don’t get confident by doing things… you do things by getting confident.

The Franchise You Can Have TOTAL
Confidence In!

Children’s Franchise Opportunity. Do you have a DEEP desire to help Kids and Young People break free of negative thinking, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that control them? Do you want to be part of a dynamic and inspired team of transformational coaches?

Don’t worry CHAMPS provides ALL the training, tools and support to help you achieve success.

Children and young people are going through a CONFIDENCE and emotional CRISIS today with all the pressures and demands that life throws at them. 1 in every 3 children report lacking in the vital life skills to manage the evolving challenges and complexities of growing up today.

That’s why CHAMPS has quickly become the Number 1 Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching Franchise in the UK. Offering timely and focused solutions for parents looking for help with their Children’s and Teens Confidence and Mental Health.

Discover more about the Franchise and learn about our multiple income streams>>

CHAMPS does NOT offer counselling or psychotherapy, we focus on proactive solutions, quick strategies and positive psychology. We don’t do therapy or rake up the past and neither will you.

In a way you could describe a CHAMPS Coach as a Kids Life Coach or their best buddy encouraging them to feel great about themselves and succeed. Our coaches (aka you) identify barriers, clarify outcomes and emotional triggers and give them a clear path to follow. Transforming their minds, thoughts and behaviours to unleash their true potential in all aspects of life.

Also… you don’t need to be a psychology degree to become a CHAMPS Coach because you follow our proven system, structure and formula.

Just ask to watch our videos and see how easy and straightforward it is! Click here>>

Start your new journey with CHAMPS and become one of team of inspired coaches in your area.

“We launched our CHAMPS Academy mid December last year. Before and since then we have received exactly the right amount of support we need, not too much, not too little. We feel that we have been coached by Annette and Ian to be the best we can be in our new role of kids confidence coaches including our business/marketing training needs. We receive regular emails and can email them for support. We regularly have personal Skype meetings/trainings with Annette and group support meetings also. With their help we have had a very successful 2 months since our launch and feel well supported on our ongoing journey.”  

Ann & Jenn (Dublin)

CHAMPS Franchise gets special commendation for the great work we do from WorkingMums Franchise Awards Judges.

CHAMPS Coaching works… see our genuine reviews on TrustPilot

Help Kids and Young People

More and more children and teens have emotional issues, low self-esteem and confidence. You can make a REAL difference to kids and parents in your area by starting your own Successful CHAMPS Academy.

Proactive Solutions

CHAMPS Academy is about proactive solutions that kids and teens understand and can actually APPLY. They are Strategists NOT Therapists. They give you ALL the coaching training, tools, and techniques for a SUCCESSFUL and scaleable business.

Parents Spend Over £74K

According to the latest study by the ONS (Office of National Statistics) in 2016 there were 18.9 million families in the UK. Bringing up each child Parents spend more than £74,000 on education-related expenses such as uniforms, lunches, books, school trips and additional tutoring (including character building activities and confidence lessons)…Ref: article in The Guardian newspaper.  The income potential for CHAMPS Academy is an impressive growth rate.

Why CHAMPS Franchise

  • CHAMPS is the Number 1 Kids/Teens Coaching Brand

    CHAMPS is the largest Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching provider in the UK and our Franchise system has seen rapid growth in the first year.

  • Proven System To Follow

    CHAMPS Academy offers you a proven, very unique, implementable, and exceedingly-effective coaching and business system using tested concepts and what’s WORKING NOW.

  • Vast Experience You Can Depend On

    With over 35 years in the Coaching, Personal Development, and Empowerment industry, plus having started and grown many successful businesses for over 20 years, CHAMPS founders Annette Du Bois and Ian Fox understands what it takes to succeed in the coaching business.

Franchisee Suitability Checklist:

The qualities needed to be a successful CHAMPS Academy: Kids Confidence and Life-Skills Coach are:

  • Share our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Be Motivated and Motivating
  • Be Honest and Trustworthy
  • Inspired to Help Children and Young People
  • Friendly and a Good All-Round Communicator
  • Outgoing and Personable
  • Team Player
  • Committed to Making a Difference
  • Can Plan, Organise and are Outcome Orientated
  • Good Work Ethic and Resilient
  • Assertive and Empathic
  • Show Initiative and Self-Leadership
  • Willing to do what it takes
  • Looking to Invest in a New Business Opportunity
  • Deep Desire to Help Young People
  • CHAMPS is Flexible and Rewarding

    This is a flexible Franchise business opportunity that allows you to run your own Kids-Coaching business whilst developing a rewarding and stable income. This is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to invest in a new business that works uniquely round other life commitments, such as family, etc or who simply wants to earn more but work less.

  • Get Paying Clients Fast

    CHAMPS understands that attracting parents to pay for coaching for their children is the key to successful long term growth. That’s why CHAMPS have developed a unique client-attraction system that enables you to achieve real results and gain high return profits. You quickly grow your CHAMPS Franchise business and client base many times bigger than an independent freelance coach working alone.

  • Get Paid To Coach Kids and Teens.

    This is a Step-by-Step Blueprint for Franchise Success with ample ability to scale-up as your success grows. You get EVERYTHING you need to succeed as a CHAMPS Academy Coach… from the initial training to a comprehensive online support area to regular Skype/Phone/Email Support/Mentoring to help you.

One of the really great income streams as a CHAMPS Franchisee is the Confidence Club. This is what kids think about it!

What Kind of People Become CHAMPS Franchisees?

  • Passionate to Create Positive Change and Impact.
  • Work at home Mums/Parents.
  • Those looking for a lucrative primary or second income.
  • Recently made redundant (but has capital to invest).
  • Looking for a career change.
  • Diversification in current business (such as Life Coaches, Kids Tutors, Kids Activity Centres, Business Coach, Instructors, Dance Teachers etc.).
  • Semi Retired or Retired Professionals.

If you don’t fit into this criteria above, no problem, if you feel this could be what you are looking for… then watch our FREE videos and take a closer look.

Shortly after starting Marie handed in her notice to focus on her CHAMPS Academy Franchise full time.

Is My Area Available?

With more and more Parents coming to CHAMPS Academy to help their child or teen with Confidence and Emotional issues areas are getting snapped up.

If you would like to find out if your preferred area is still available, please complete a few details below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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